Delete the duplicates in your Outlook: NoMoreDupes for Outlook
Toolbars in Outlook

91. There are buttons missing in my Toolbar.

Reconfigure your Toolbar:
View > Toolbars > Customize…

92. Every time I open Outlook the Toolbars appear in a different place and I have to re-arrange them.

Rename the file outcmd.dat.

93. I have no Send button in my Outlook 2003.

The Send button doesn't appear until you create a valid email account.

94. Toolbars/Menus aren't visible.

Try right-clicking on your menu in Outlook, select Customize and in the Toolbars tab select each of your menus and toolbars and click on Reset.
Look to see if your missing menu items are back. If not exit Outlook and use Windows Explorer to find and delete a file named Outcmd.dat.
You will need to set Windows Explorer to show Hidden and System folders to find that file.

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